The Indiana Independent Automobile Dealers Association is proud to announce TNT Auto Sales and Service, Inc. as our 2019“Joe Krier” Quality Dealer of the Year. This award was presented to Troy and Trent Davis at the Association’s 32nd Anniversary Golf Tournament and Awards Day which was held on August 25th at Eagle Creek Golf Club in Indianapolis. The Quality Dealer of the Year is chosen based on several attributes. The dealership must be consumer oriented, and the dealer must have a record of good business decisions based on honesty and integrity.
Also, the dealership must represent themselves as a civic leader within the community. TNT Auto Sales & Services, Inc. represents all of these attributes. Trent and Troy Davis are twin brothers who followed in the footsteps of their father, Erwon, who always had a knack for turning wrenches. In 1988, during their senior year of high school, they opened a dealership in their hometown of Windfall, Indiana with four cars. After school they turned wrenches trying to turn a small profit. This was the start of brighter things to come.

The next four years were prosperous times for the Davis family. They opened a collision center at their Windfall dealership and a 2nd location in Kokomo Indiana. The dealership on East Boulevard in Kokomo became the foundation of their sales and success for many years to follow. A 3rd dealership was latter added on Markland Avenue in Kokomo. In 2018 the Markland dealership was renovated to a state of the art facility complete with Auto and Harley showrooms. They have certainly grown, retailing over 1,100 units last year. 

TNT Auto Sales & Services, Inc. truly is a family business. Trent and Troy's children began working in the dealerships while Trent and Troy passed down the same values to their children that were passed down to them from their father. They have succeeded not only from their commitment to working hard and a proven pattern of taking care of their customers but the TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) approach. Everyone at TNT Auto Sales & Services, Inc. lives by the Company motto "Your satisfaction is our FUTURE." At TNT Sales & Services, Inc. after the sale is just as important as making the sale. The Davis family portrays Integrity, Honesty, and a true Dedication to their employees, customers and suppliers.

TNT Auto Sales and Services, Inc. will represent Indiana at the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association Convention in Las Vegas, June 2020. They will compete with Quality Dealers from other states for the National Quality Dealer Award. The primary purpose of the Indiana Independent Automobile Dealers Association is to address legal and legislative issues that confront the used car industry and to promote the businesses of its members while serving the public interest. The Indiana Independent Automobile Dealers Association has supported independent used car dealers in Indiana for more than 32 years. The association is proud to have TNT Auto Sales & Services, Inc. as this year’s “Quality Dealer of the Year.”

Congratulations to TNT Auto Sales & Services, Inc.!