Indiana Legislative Wrap Up

by Alex Downard - Posted 8 months ago

The Indiana General Assembly wrapped up the 2022 legislative session early on March 9th (they had until  March 14th to adjourn).  While it was a short session (non-budget year), it was a very fast and action packed ten weeks.  Many of the issues that dominated at the legislature this year were in response to the large number of incumbents who are facing primary challenges in May 3rd (more on that below). 

Major issues the legislature was able to address this year include the following:

  • HEA 1001 (Administrative Authority; COVID-19 Immunizations) – Ends the COVID-19 public health emergency but allows for the continuation of enhanced Medicaid and food assistance benefits, as well as enabling children under age 12 to receive a COVID-19 vaccination outside a doctor’s office. It also adds federal law requirements into state law that require employees to grant medical or religious exemptions if employees go through the proper steps.
  • HEA 1002 (Various Tax Matters) – Decreases the state’s individual income tax from 3.23% to 2.9% over the next seven years. It eliminates the 1.46% Utility Receipts Tax currently paid on electricity, natural gas, water, steam, sewage, and telephone bills. And makes a one-time, $2.5 billion payment toward pre-96’ teacher pension obligations. There were no new food and beverage, or innkeeper’s tax reporting requirements included.
  • HEA 1296 (Firearms Matters) – Repeals Indiana requirement for a permit to carry a handgun in public and would allow anyone age 18 years or older to carry a handgun in public except for reasons such as having a felony conviction, facing a restraining order from a court or having a dangerous mental illness.
  • SEA 83 (Open Meeting) – Requires a governing body of a school corporation or charter school to allow public comment on a topic before a final action like a vote is taken.
  • SEA 361 (Economic Development) – Updates the state’s economic development incentive options by establishing an overall $300 million cap on the tax credits that can be given in incentives and also gives the IEDC $300 million in cash incentives in to give for deals.


Governor Holcomb vetoed two bills that passed this year’s assembly, HB 1211 (State and Local Administration) and HB 1041 (Participation in School Sports).  The Indiana General Assembly is expected to return Tuesday, May 24th for Technical Corrections Day.  House Speaker Todd Huston (R-Fishers) has already announced his intentions of a veto override vote on 1041 on the 24th.  The Senate leadership team has yet to announce their plans. 


Auto Dealer Specific Legislation

Working with House Roads and Transportation Chair, Jim Pressel (R-LaPorte), we introduced language in the HB 1167, the omnibus BMV bill, about timeliness of title delivery from towing companies.  After much discussion, we agreed to pull the language this year and work on a more comprehensive reform over the course of the interim.  More to follow in the summer and months on this issue.





May Primaries and Next Year

We have seen a lot of turnover in the Indiana General Assembly in recent months, and we are expecting the same after November’s election. Seven members of the Indiana Senate and seven members of the Indiana House have announced they will not run for reelection.


Primary election day in Indiana is Tuesday, May 3rd.  Over 20 members of the House Republican caucus are facing primary challenges from the right.   Leadership and those incumbents have hit the ground running since the end of session.  If a few of the incumbents do lose on the 3rd, that will further alter the legislative process and legislation that moves forward in future bodies.


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