Motor Driven Cycles (MDC), Motor Scooters, Mopeds and Motorcycles

by - Posted 6 years ago

As of January 1, 2015, new laws went into effect regarding the licensing and registration of Motor Driven Cycles (MDC), previously referred to as motor scooter, mopeds and motorized bicycles. Licensing and registration requirements for MDCs can be found at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles website: www.in.gov/bmv/3220.htm.

Dealers of Motorcycles or MDCs who sell at least twelve (12) units per year are required to obtain a dealer license from the Indiana Secretary of State Dealer Services Division. Information regarding dealer licensing can be found at:  www.in.gov/sos/dealer.

MDC dealers who sell units under 50cc can elect to become a licensed dealer.

Licensed motorcycle dealers can purchase interim motorcycle plates and request MDC-A or MDC-B decals from the Dealer Services Division, which will allow their properly licensed customers to operate their MDC prior to  registering it with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.  To request MDC-A or MDC-B decals, please contact the Auto Dealer Services Division at 317-234-7190 or Dealers@sos.in.gov.