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Secretary of State Connie Lawson Announces New Security Measures

Auto dealer plates now linked to national law enforcement database

(INDIANAPOLIS) May 24, 2012– Secretary of State Connie Lawson is pleased to announce Indiana auto dealer plates are now linked to the National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System, a national database for law enforcement officers. Linking Indiana auto dealer plates to the national database provides law enforcement nationwide with access to real time information, greatly reducing the appeal of Indiana plates for illegal purposes.
“This is a huge step forward for our long-term security,” said Secretary of State Connie Lawson. “By ensuring dealer plates can be tracked by local and national law enforcement agencies, we can better protect Indiana’s legitimate auto dealers, and deter the theft of these plates for criminal use around the country.”

Prior to this enhancement, law enforcement outside the state could look up an individual’s personal vehicle information, but were unable to access Indiana dealer plate data. Law enforcement can now access information on metal dealer plates used for dealership business such as test drives and paper temporary plates issued when a vehicle is sold. Law enforcement will use the enhancement to instantly access data in routine traffic stops and to solve crimes.

The Auto Dealers Services Division of the Secretary of State’s office worked with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and the Indiana State Police to link to the national database.

Through the BMV and State Police systems, dealer plate and registration information makes its way to the national database.